"I'm in the anti-aging business and I'm always on the lookout for the latest, greatest products and services to keep me "Aging Backwards!" I found the Fountain of Youth when I discovered Beautiful Image. It works! I love that I've finally found a way to look younger with no pain, no needles and no gigantic pills to swallow. Everyone should own a Beautiful Image machine!"

Jackie Silver. President, Aging Backwards, LLC

"After 6 sessions my friends started to comment on my weight loss... after 12 sessions my body was a dress smaller and all I had done was lie on my back and drink water."

Kiesten McCauley

"I had a bad car accident about 3 years ago. I broke the C7 vertebrae in my neck, 4 ribs and my collarbone. I have been using Formostar to help manage my pain. I required an operation and had to wear a neck brace for 8 weeks. I experience strong pain in my neck and also in my lower back. I have found that having sessions 3-4 days apart allows me to be comfortable with some minimal pain."

Julie Andrew

"With a debilitating arthritic condition in my chest and spine, I couldn't exercise without severe pain and breathing difficulties. From my first Formostar treatment I experienced an improvement in pain and energy levels."

Deb Westlake

"I couldn't wait to finish my face, so I could start on my body. I haven't been this firm and little since I was in college and that was 22 years ago."

C. Newcomb, Clearwater, FL

"I thought my friend was crazy when she told me about Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting™, but as she began to look younger--not to mention happier--I had to try it myself. Now I'm on my 6th session and I'm already amazed at the results!"

Shelly Detomaso, Dallas, TX

"Everyone is skeptical about this "Microcurrent Facelift" because it sounds too good to be true, but everyone I know who actually tries it becomes a believer, including me, and I am the biggest skeptic about everything. All I can say is try it for yourself."

Macy Calderon, Alpine, CA

"I was getting Microcurrent Facials when I lived in Germany. I moved to the U.S. and found Beautiful Image's Facial Sculpting and I can tell you it's better than anything I was getting before. The results are truly faster and longer lasting than anything else."

Ellen Barber, Atlanta, GA

"After my first Beautiful Image treatment I noticed a remarkable difference in my skin. My skin was healthy, glowing and had a fresh look. I had lost the dull, dry, lifeless look of the average 64 old women that I had when I walked in the salon. I was thrilled with the results, products and expertise of my specialist. The effects have been effective and lasting. My friends and family noticed something different about me too. It was a real transformation. I feel so much happier with way I look and I am no longer self conscious about my "aging skin". The proper products were recommended according to my skin type and needs. I was given a lot of tips and hints to incorporate into my daily skin care regime as well as make up application. I also use the Jane Iredale make up products. The colors are great and it stays on ALL day. I love it! European Skin Care is a friendly, comfortable salon. The specialists are professionally trained and have a deep, working knowledge of the skin, they willingly share their advice and tips; adding to the value I get from my treatment."

Bonnie R.